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What To Expect

I teach a style of yoga called Dru which is based on Hatha yoga. I sometimes add sprinklings from other styles of yoga that I have enjoyed over the years.


The classes generally take on the following format:




The whole body is woken up by a series of dynamic and flowing movements. Activations allow the body to start to release any tension improving circulation and shaking off any tiredness. This is a lively, fun way to warm the body.


Energy Block Release Sequences (EBRs)


Energy Block Release Sequences are graceful, flowing and very enjoyable to do. They can dissolve any mental, physical and emotional blockages held in the body. EBR’s prepare the body for the asanas (postures) that follow.


Asanas (postures)


Asanas stretch the body which is a natural way for the body to release tension and improve muscle tone. Combined with pranayama (breathing techniques) asanas de-stress our nervous system, stimulate circulation, boost the immune system and increase energy levels. They invigorate  helping to maintain a healthy body and calm mind.




Every class ends with a ten minute relaxation. This deep relaxation allows the body to rejuvenate and restore.


Last but not least


A cup of tea and a chat.


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